We’re committed to clear and robust reporting and require the same from our managers and underlying issuers. 

We believe in transparency and in sharing what we’re doing with our members, levy payers and other stakeholders. 

We’re pushing for greater transparency in reporting across our investment portfolio and the pensions and investment industries as a whole. This includes aligning our reporting with best practice guidance such as TCFD and the UK Stewardship code.

In 2021 we published a first dedicated climate TCFD report while continuing to include a summary of TCFD disclosures in our Annual Report and AccountsWe’ve recently published our second climate TCFD report, demonstrating our progress on this issue over our last financial year.

Our latest RI report shares our priorities, progress and plans in detail. We regularly publish our engagement and voting reports, policies and responses to consultations on this page.

RI reports

Climate change report 2021/22
RI report 2020/21
Climate change report 2020/21
RI report 2019/20

Engagement plans

EOS engagement plan 2022-24

Annual voting and engagement reports

Annual voting and engagement report 2021

Annual voting and engagement report 2020

Companies engaged by theme 2020

Annual voting and engagement report 2019

Companies engaged by theme 2019

Annual voting and engagement report 2018

Voting & engagement report - Q1 2017

Voting & engagement report - Q4 2016

Voting & engagement report - Q3 2016

Voting & engagement report - Q2 2016

Quarterly voting reports

Q2 2022 voting report

Q1 2022 voting report

Q4 2021 voting report

Q3 2021 voting report

Q2 2021 voting report

Q1 2021 voting report

Q4 2020 voting report

Q3 2020 voting report

Q2 2020 voting report

Q1 2020 voting report

Q4 2019 voting report

Q3 2019 voting report

Q2 2019 voting report

Q1 2019 voting report

Q4 2018 voting report

Q3 2018 voting report

Q2 2018 voting report

Q1 2018 voting report

Q4 2017 voting report

Q3 2017 voting report

Q2 2017 voting report

Quarterly engagement reports

Engagement report - Q2 2022

Engagement report - Q1 2022

Engagement report - Q4 2021

Engagement report - Q3 2021

Engagement report - Q2 2021

Engagement report - Q1 2021

Engagement report - Q4 2020

Engagement report - Q3 2020

Engagement report - Q2 2020

Engagement report - Q1 2020

Engagement report - Q4 2019

Engagement report - Q3 2019

Engagement report - Q2 2019

Engagement report - Q1 2019

Engagement report - Q4 2018

Engagement report - Q3 2018

Engagement report - Q2 2018

Engagement report - Q1 2018

Engagement report - Q4 2017

Engagement report - Q3 2017

Engagement report - Q2 2017

Summary of engagement reports

Summary of engagement report Q2 2022

Summary of engagement report Q1 2022

Summary of engagement report Q3 2021

Summary of engagement report Q2 2021

Summary of engagement report Q1 2021

Summary of engagement report Q3 2020

Summary of engagement report Q2 2020

Summary of engagement report Q1 2020

Summary of engagement report Q3 2019

Summary of engagement report Q2 2019

Summary of engagement report Q1 2019

Statement of investment principles (SIP)

Statement of investment principles 2021

RI policies

Climate change policy

Stewardship policy

Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) reports

PRI assessment report 2020
PRI transparency report 2020
PRI transparency report 2019
PRI assessment report 2019

Responses to consultations

DWP climate and reporting consultation - December 2021

DWP social factors consultation- June 2021

DWP climate risk consultation - October 2020