Understanding your invoice

Find out how we get information about your scheme and download our levy guide to help you understand your invoice.

Receiving your invoice via secure messaging

We’re sending electronic invoices via a secure messaging service called Mimecast. You may have received emails about this from ‘PPF Postmaster’. You can read more about electronic invoicing on our 2020/21 Levy year page, or in our latest news story.

How we calculate your invoice

We take several factors into account, based on the information we have about your pension scheme, to help calculate your levy invoice.

Read our introduction to the levy or download our levy guide to help you understand the details used in your levy calculation.

How we get information about your scheme

To help calculate your levy, we use the appropriate scheme return data and certificates submitted to The Pensions Regulator’s Exchange system by the annual deadlines.

To check or change your scheme data, please access your scheme information with TPR.

Find out more about the levy timeline and deadlines 

How we get information about your employer’s insolvency risk score

The insolvency risk levy rate is calculated using the average of monthly scores for each levy year – known as the mean score.

For invoices issued up to 2020, Experian will calculate this score by using the data that the online Pensions Regulator's Exchange system has on your scheme along with recent company accounts.

To check the information we hold about your employer, you’ll need to access your scheme on the PPF Experian portal.

Read more about how to give us insolvency risk information

Insolvency risk scores used for levy invoices issued from 2021 onward will be generated by D&B. We’ll give the same details of your scheme employer(s) to D&B as we do to Experian.

Useful quick links

Download our current levy guide

View your scheme information on The Pensions Regulator site

View your scheme information on Experian's Portal