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We protect millions of people in the UK who are members of defined benefit pension schemes.

A defined benefit pension, sometimes known as ‘final salary’ or ‘career average’ pension schemes, are a workplace pension based on your salary and how long you’ve worked for your employer. 

Your employer will make contributions to your defined benefit pension scheme and is responsible for making sure there’s enough money at the time you retire to pay you a secure income for life.

If the pension scheme you paid into doesn’t have enough funds to pay you the pension it promised, we'll provide compensation in place of your pension, if your scheme is eligible. 

Schemes we don't protect

We don’t protect defined contribution schemes, sometimes known as ‘money purchase’ pension schemes. These are schemes where the money paid in by you or your employer is used to buy investments by the pension provider. The amount you get when you retire depends on how much was paid in and how well the investments have performed. 

We also don’t protect public sector pension schemes. 

There are other reasons that mean a scheme may not be eligible for PPF protection. 


There may be other reasons you aren’t protected by the PPF

These include, if you: 

  • Left the scheme before 6 April 1975
  • Were under the age of 26 prior to 1 January 1986
  • Left the scheme before 6 April 1988 and contributed for less than 5 years
  • Left the scheme after 6 April 1988 and contributed for less than 2 years

In these circumstances, a refund of contributions (minus Tax and National Insurance) is likely to have been paid to you. 

If after considering the above, you believe you still had benefits within the scheme when it transferred to the PPF, please contact us with relevant evidence so that we can investigate this further.

We need at least one of the following documents: 

  • A letter, or preserved benefit statement, confirming benefits were preserved within the scheme at date of leaving.
  • Preserved benefit statements sent after the date of leaving the scheme.
  • Pension correspondence sent after the date of leaving the scheme. 


If you have any questions, please contact us.