Help shape our rules

Our online consultation about the proposed changes to our levy rules for 2021/22 has closed.

Our consultations

In December 2019 we published our consultation on the proposed insolvency risk methodology for 2021/22. The policy statement published in March 2020 concluded that consultation and incorporated the feedback we received. 

We published a second consultation in September 2020 on the levy rules for 2021/22, which set out our proposals for how we will calculate the levy for invoices issued in 2021. This consultation has now closed. 

When will the final rules be published?

We will publish the final, binding, levy rules for 2021/22 in January, together with a Policy Statement summarising responses received under consultation and our conclusions.

In the interim however – given the overwhelming support for our proposals – we have published a statement setting out our direction of travel for key policy changes. 

Draft rules

The draft rules that were published with the consultation can be downloaded here.

In contrast to previous consultations, we have moved away from publishing a full suite of draft documents this year. Instead we are only publishing the draft determination and appendices where substantive change has been made.

Transfers appendix
Contingent asset appendix
Insolvency risk appendix