Help shape our rules

We consult on proposed changes to the levy rules and use feedback to better inform our final decisions

Our consultations for 2021/22

In December 2019 we published our consultation on the proposed insolvency risk methodology for 2021/22. The policy statement published in March 2020 concluded that consultation and incorporated the feedback we received. 

We published a second consultation in September 2020 on the levy rules for 2021/22, which set out our proposals for how we will calculate the levy for invoices issued in autumn 2021. The policy statement and final rules published in January 2021 concluded this consultation. 

Commercial consolidator guidance finalised 

Alongside the final rules for 2021/22, we published a draft guidance on commercial consolidators to accompany the Commercial consolidator appendix.

We were interested to receive views on the guidance drafting and provided an opportunity of stakeholders to give us feedback. 

We would like to thank those who responded to our consultation for your valuable feedback, and have concluded that only minor changes were needed to the guidance as a result. 

The final guidance has now been published and forms part of our levy rules for 2021/22.