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General guidance on insolvency and the assessment period

These notes will help you meet your statutory obligations and our expectations conducting insolvencies during the assessment period.

General guidance for insolvency professionals

Our restructuring and insolvency guidance notes

Information on our standing as a creditor and our approach to creditors meetings and committees.

Download R&I Guidance Note 1

Guidance Note 2 – Insolvency practitioner remuneration

Guidance that IPs should consider before submitting proposals or other fee requests.

Download R&I Guidance Note 2

Details on the maximum fee rates that we will pay on insolvency cases.

PPF Fee Rate Card 

Guidance Note 3– Pre-packaged administrations

An explanation of our approach where a pre-packaged administration is proposed or has occurred.

Download R&I Guidance Note 3

This guidance note explains our approach to potential legal actions that IPs might contemplate. It also sets out how we’ll view a defence to legal action.

Download R&I Guidance Note 4

Guidance Note 5 – Company voluntary arrangements

This guidance sets out what we will consider when assessing company voluntary arrangements

Download R&I Guidance Note 5

Guidance Note 6 – How PPF drift arises and should be addressed

What is PPF drift and why it is financially important to us.

Download R&I Guidance Note 6

Guidance Note 7 – Appointment of independent trustees 

Why we have a panel of scheme trustees specifically to help with the assessment period and how IPs can help with their appointment

Download R&I Guidance Note 7

Guidance Note 8 – Situations involving new or successor schemes 

In rare cases a new or successor scheme may be created through an insolvency or restructuring procedure.  Here are some of the important matters to consider.

Download R&I Guidance Note 8

Guidance Note 9 – Corporate insolvency and the Governance Act 2020

Interim guidance on our approach to the legislation and what we expect from monitors and parties proposing a restructuring plan.

Download R&I Guidance Note 9