If you're worried about your pension - perhaps you've heard that the company which funds your scheme is in trouble, or it's already become insolvent - it can be a very challenging time.

We protect millions of people throughout the United Kingdom who are members of defined benefit pension schemes, to make sure they’ll be looked after if the employer responsible for funding the scheme they’ve paid into fails.

If the employer whose scheme you paid into doesn’t have enough funds to enable the scheme to pay you the pension it promised, we'll provide compensation in place of your pension. 

We’re proud of the work we do. Without us, many people would face significant financial hardship.

Who do we protect?

We protect members of defined benefit pension schemes, often known as final salary schemes.

Find out more about the schemes we protect.

What happens if your scheme's employer becomes insolvent?

We don’t take on a pension scheme as soon as an employer becomes insolvent. Instead, we start what we call the ‘assessment period’.

Find out more about our assessment period and what happens if your scheme transfers to us.

How do we protect pensions?

Read our 'What is the Pension Protection Fund' booklet, below, to learn more about what we do and how we protect your pension.