How to appeal your score

You'll need to contact Experian if you want to appeal your scheme’s mean score, levy band and levy rate.

Who can appeal your mean score, levy band and rate

Scheme trustees, employers, guarantors, and authorised representatives can appeal a scheme’s mean score, levy band and levy rate. It’s not possible to appeal monthly Experian scores.

What you need to do

  • Appeal in writing by email to: [email protected] – make sure you include the words ‘PPF Appeal’ in the subject title
  • If you have written consent from Experian, you can send your appeal letter by registered post to: PPF Appeals, Experian PH, Friars House, 160 Blackfriars Road, London, SE1 8EZ.

When you need to do it

You have 28 days after the date on your invoice to appeal to Experian by email.

If you’re sending this by registered first-class post, you’ll need to do it no later than 26 days after the date shown on the invoice.

What to do if you miss the appeal deadline

If you miss the deadline, you’ll need to contact Experian with evidence to explain why you’re making an appeal after the deadline.

Experian will only consider late applications in exceptional circumstances. This doesn’t include poor scheme management, administrative failure or planned absence of trustees or their advisors.

How to find out more about your score

To find out more about your score, scorecard categorisation, the impact of mortgage exclusion certificates and other data, you should contact Experian on 08444 810810.