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  • The PPF confirms levy rules for 2020/21 remain stable and broadly unchanged from previous levy year
  • The 2020/21 levy rules are in line with the proposals consulted on in September 2019
  • The PPF confirms the levy estimate for 2020/21 will be £620 million

The Pension Protection Fund (PPF) has today announced that its levy rules remain broadly unchanged for 2020/21, the final year in the current three-year levy cycle. 

The announcement follows a six-week consultation which invited PPF levy payers and industry stakeholders to comment on the proposed 2020/21 levy rules. 

The consultation, which highlighted the PPF’s commitment to maintaining stability in levy rules within each levy cycle, did not propose any significant changes and respondents supported the PPF’s overall approach. 

The policy statement, which is published on the PPF website, highlights key findings from the consultation and confirms that the levy estimate for the next levy year will be £620 million. 

The policy statement can be found here.

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