2020/21 levy year

We consulted on the draft levy rules for the 2020/21 levy year in September 2019 and expect to publish them here in December 2019.

Help make sure your levy is accurate

We plan to start invoicing for levy year 2020/21 in Autumn 2020, using the information you give us, Experian and The Pensions Regulator.

To make sure your levy is accurate, read more on checking your information.

View the levy timeline to understand important deadlines for sending information.

Update your billing address

We want to help schemes ensure that their levy bills go to the most appropriate address.

When you update your scheme information on The Pensions Regulator's exchange system, you can enter a Billing Address under Part 2.3 titled 'Scheme Details'.

If this field is completed, we’ll make sure your invoice is sent to this address instead of the scheme address.

The draft 2020/21 levy rules

The levy rules are a set of legal documents which govern how we calculate your levy and how we use your data.

The determination and relevant appendices are all part of the levy rules and related guidance gives you an overview of how we intend to operate the rules in practice.

We aim to make sure that guidance documents and the rules are consistent; however, where there are any differences between the guidance and the rules, the rules prevail.

Download the draft levy rules for 2020/21 (5.6mb)