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Are you a member and not receiving benefits yet? Try our Benefit Modeller.

If you’re a member, when you register for the member website you’ll have unlimited access to our quick and simple Benefit Modeller. 

Use the modeller to see how much you can expect to receive if you choose to take your payments early, late, or when they were due from your original pension scheme. 

You can also see how your payments might be affected if you take a tax-free cash lump sum payment (of up to 25 per cent of your annual PPF benefits). 

In addition, you can see your benefit statement online whenever you like.

“The Benefit Modeller helped me to understand my options and the sliding scale made it clear what would happen to my compensation if I choose to retire early or late.” - David, PPF member


Try our Benefit Modeller and start planning for your retirement.

If you’re 55 or over and you like what you see, you can use our Quote and Retire service to start your payments.