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Go Anywhere, a third-party that we and many other organisations use for secure file transfer, suffered a cyber-attack last month. At the time Fortra, the company behind Go Anywhere, assured us that our data had not been impacted.

We recently became concerned that this may not be the case and immediately stopped using Go Anywhere and began an investigation, working closely with Fortra and our security partners.

Understanding what data may have been compromised and contacting anyone potentially affected has been our top priority. We can reassure our current members and levy payers that none of their data has been involved in the breach.

Regrettably some of our current and former employees have been affected by the potential breach. We have already advised all of those affected of the situation and offered our support and additional monitoring services to help them.

We would stress that our own systems have not been compromised and we remain vigilant, working to the very highest information security standards and certifications, including ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials Plus, and NCSC 10 steps.

We have reported this to the appropriate cyber crime agencies and our teams continue to work tirelessly to understand more.