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We’re pleased to announce the appointment of Sara Protheroe, our Chief Customer Officer, to the Board with immediate effect. 

Sara’s journey

Sara played a pivotal role in establishing the fund whilst working at the Department for Work and Pensions. Over the past 15 years, Sara has continued to play a vital role in the evolution of our strategy which has seen the fund grow into one of the largest asset managers in the UK.

She’s also been instrumental in developing our customer service offering to provide award-winning service to more than 400,000 members.

Our Chairman, Arnold Wagner, said: “I am delighted that Sara has today joined the Board as an Executive Director. Throughout her 15 year tenure at the PPF, Sara has been committed to delivering exceptional service to members of defined benefit schemes who need the financial protection.

“Sara’s drive and determination to grow and improve the services we provide has earned her the respect of her peers who have recognised her with numerous industry awards, and seen her team awarded the highly coveted Institute of Customer Service’s Service Mark accreditation.”

Looking to the future

Following her good news, Sara added: 

“It is an honour to have been appointed to the Board of the PPF, which is a vital safety net for members of UK Defined Benefit pension schemes, especially in these troubled times. I am committed to ensuring that our current members, and those in the schemes protected by the PPF, can trust us to provide the protection they require for as long as they need it.”

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