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The five-year initiative will be supported by a series of marketing campaigns to raise awareness and support within the industry.

Our Chief Executive is a proud LGBT+ ally and has seen the impact that social isolation can have on members of the community. Throughout his career, he has spoken out, supported and advocated for equality from both an internal and external lens. 

Oliver is delighted to be recognised in Project 1000 and is passionate about increasing LGBT+ representation across the pensions industry to better support employees and pension members.

“As well as bringing diversity of thought and ideas, I want everyone to feel comfortable, to be able to be themselves and to speak up without fear of repercussions.

“A diverse workforce helps us to deliver great service to the increasingly wide cross-section of people who make up our membership. An inclusive environment which actively challenges groupthink allows us to identify risks and find better ways of doing things,” said Oliver. 

Reflecting on his own experiences within the LGBT+ community, Oliver cites his friends and family in having an impact. “I’ve had LGBT+ friends and relatives since an early age, including older people who were ‘out’ when it really wasn’t tolerated at all in wider society. In that respect I’ve always had role models for allyship,” he continued. 

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A global network

Current role models in the Project 1000 campaign represent over 60 firms and three continents including USA, UK, EMEA and APAC. 

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