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Schemes that are genuinely unable to pay their levy invoice within 28 days have always been able to apply for a payment plan. A payment plan can spread the cost of the levy over a number of months. 

What’s changed?

We’ve launched a new page within our ‘levy payers’ section of this site, called ‘paying the levy in instalments’

This explains what schemes and employers need to do to apply for a payment plan, and the interest rate charges that would typically apply. 

The page explains how we’ll consider applications, which must show that applicants can’t pay the levy within 28 days without suffering financial hardship. It also answers some of the common questions around the process. 

For the first time, schemes and employers can apply online with a short, simple application form and the ability to upload supporting evidence.

Past experience

There hasn’t been a high demand for payment plans in previous years. In both 2017/18 and 2018/19, we received 15 requests. 

We’ll monitor the number of applications this year to see if the situation changes now the process has moved online. 

Tell us what you think

We’ll also be keen to hear feedback from applicants about their experience of the new process, so that we can keep improving the service we offer to our levy payers. You can get in touch with us and send your feedback to [email protected]