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Following a consultation launched in December on the methodology Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) use to calculate insolvency risk scores, we’re pleased to share positive feedback and upcoming changes.

Respondents supported proposals for only limited changes to our insolvency risk methodology, with some small scale improvements.

A range of new services for levy payers were launched in parallel with the consultation, including a new portal to view insolvency risk scores, a new levy section, new ways to respond to consultations and new communication channels. 

Levy payers have also been actively checking their scores and raising queries with D&B since the consultation was launched. 

D&B have been able to calculate insolvency risk scores for the vast majority of employers. As a result, the proportion of employers that have the same levy band as with Experian has significantly increased.

Download our new policy statement

We've now published our policy statement following the consultation, and have confirmed that insolvency risk scores will start to 'count' from this April. These scores will be used for levy invoices from 2021/22

Our Executive Director and General Counsel, David Taylor said: “We are extremely grateful to our stakeholders who have taken time to give us feedback and to the members of our Industry Steering Group and SME Forum for helping us to reach this point. The services we now offer are much enhanced as a result of their input.”