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Dana Grey, who has been acting as interim Risk Director since October 2021, has been appointed to the CRO role permanently, leading both the Risk and Compliance teams. 

Dana has been at the PPF since 2009 in a wide range of roles, most recently leading the Legal and Compliance team, and brings extensive knowledge and experience to the Executive Committee.

“I’m delighted to be appointed to this important role at the PPF. Managing risk plays a big part in the work we do, and I’m privileged to lead the team that helps us do this. 

“I’m proud to make up the 50% of women on the Executive team, and to contribute to our ethnic minority representation at a senior level too, helping to bring further diversity of thought and background to our leadership team."

Since Dana joined the PPF, she has been active in our Diversity and Inclusion groups, championing our important priorities. She is Co-Founder of the Inspiring Women network group, and since 2018 has been the Chair of our Diversity and Inclusion Sponsorship Group and as co-lead of the Race Action Group.

Oliver Morley, Chief Executive Officer, said “Dana has made an excellent contribution to ExCo and the Board. She will continue to build the risk and compliance functions to ensure the organisation has what is required to manage its risks effectively and efficiently."