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Congratulations to Barry Kenneth and our Investment team on their fantastic win in the Best UK Pension Fund category.

The IPE Awards have been rewarding excellence in Europe’s highly diverse and innovative pensions industry for almost 20 years. The 2019 awards received 434 entries from pension funds representing 74.6 million scheme members in 22 European countries.

We’re committed to ensuring a strong financial position within our organisation that will safeguard the financial futures of our members, and we’re thrilled that commitment has been recognised by our peers in the industry.

We play a unique role in the pensions industry which means we’ve had to develop a unique investment strategy. Our sophisticated liability driven investment (LDI) strategy protects us from changes in interest rates and inflation, and our return-seeking portfolio helps us generate returns over and above what we need to pay our current members, so that we can protect members of schemes that come to us in the future.

Our Investment team has unwavering focus on best-in-class portfolio management, risk management, and governance, and that’s why it’s so important for us to have achieved this recognition from IPE.

Find out more about our investment principles and strategy.