We have appointed panels of qualified trustees and advisers to help take schemes as efficiently as possible through the assessment period. All panels were formed after a tender exercise.

This helps provide more certainty to members and reduces costs to levy payers. The panels include:

  • Trustee and Support Services 
  • Specialist Administration and Actuarial Services 
  • Audit Services 
  • Assessment Period Legal
  • Data Support 

The new Trustee and Support Services panel replaces the Trustee Advisory Panel, originally launched in 2014 offering specialist trustee services to schemes in a PPF assessment only.

This panel aims to improve the member and trustee experiences when the sponsoring employer is in stress or distress, or a PPF assessment period. The panel will encourage scheme trustees to recognise their knowledge gaps, and to appoint a panel trustee and/or restructuring and insolvency adviser to support them.

Trustee and Support Services

  • Assessing the impact of reorganisations and restructurings on the pension scheme and its employer covenant, including any mitigation that may be required to repair any detriment
  • 'Moral hazard' risk review, to consider likelihood of TPR intervention
  • Supporting trustees in assessing proposals to compromise scheme benefits and separate the pension scheme from the sponsor
  • Providing expert advice and assistance in restructuring negotiations
  • Undertaking or reviewing insolvency contingency planning 
  • Advising trustees post an insolvency event or post a restructuring plan implementation
20-20 Trustees

20-20 Trustees has been supplying professional independent trustee services for over thirty years to pension plans of all sizes, strengths and sectors of sponsor.  

Our mission is to secure the best possible outcomes for beneficiaries of pension schemes whilst properly understanding the needs of all stakeholders. We do this through pragmatic decision-making, cost-effective implementation and identifying innovative solutions to address complex and unusual circumstances. 

Whilst never forgetting our duties as trustees, we are pragmatic and have the intellect and commercial acumen to overcome obstacles.

To achieve our mission requires decisive, skilled and energetic trustees who manage risks effectively, resulting in us employing pension professionals at the height of their careers. 

Our trustee directors have a diverse set of specialisms including actuarial, legal, covenant, defined contribution, ‘end-game’ strategy and restructuring skills, together with corporate and pension management expertise. They share common goals in energy, dynamism, commerciality, decisiveness and pragmatism not generally seen in the trustee market.

Our resourcing model has the greatest depth in the market, with experienced support allocated to assist trustee directors with every client. This enables us to share best practice as it emerges, and frees up our trustee directors to focus on areas where they add greatest strategic value.

We’ve built and broadened our reputation – inrecent years we’ve won numerous awards at both individual and firm level. We’re listed on The Pensions Regulator’s trustee register and have been a member of the PPF trustee adviser Panel since 2014.

For further information visit the 20-20 Trustees website.  

CVR Global

CVR is a leading independent professional services firm specialising in corporate recovery and restructuring, pensions advisory and expert witness services. We have eight offices in the UK and employ around 80 partners and staff, many of whom are qualified accountants or licensed insolvency practitioners. 
Our pensions advisory practice is headed by Kevin Murphy and Mark Stevens. Kevin is a chartered accountant and licensed insolvency practitioner, and has been conducting pension covenant reviews since 2006. Kevin is regularly asked to act as an expert witness in respect of pensions-related litigation. 

Mark is a chartered banker and corporate finance specialist, and has been performing pension covenant reviews since 2009.
Our pensions advisory work includes the following:

  • Advising trustees on employer covenant strength for triennial valuations, including the affordability of recovery plan payments. We currently act for some 50 schemes 
  • Advising schemes whose employer is facing financial difficulties
  • Advising employers with a pensions deficit and in need of restructuring. We recently acted on the first RAA of an unlimited liability partnership 
  • Advising trustees on the impact of corporate transactions, including advising on the appropriate mitigation if there is detriment

We have a reputation for providing clear, concise advice at a reasonable cost. Whilst we have experience of a range of sectors, our ‘sweet spot’ is SMEs, UK subsidiaries of multinationals and not-for-profit organisations. 
For further information visit the CVR website.

Dalriada Trustees Limited

We are one of the largest professional pension scheme trustee companies in the UK. We have a UK wide network of offices so we can provide the benefit of local support to every scheme to which we are appointed. 

Many decisions taken by trustee boards are finely balanced. We believe that trustee boards make better, more robust decisions where they have access to a broad-based team with experience of the diverse issues which can impact on the ability of a scheme to deliver the best possible outcomes for its members.
We take a multidisciplinary team based approach to the delivery of trustee services – every pension scheme to which we are appointed has a lead trustee representative with access to the full complement of our pension expertise.
We apply process and technology to deliver more efficient and better services to our members. We work closely with partners committed to the use of Fintech to develop online access for members where possible and this is their preference. We provide timely reporting and best in class risk management which contributes to an enhanced member experience.
Our owners have been actively involved since Dalriada was founded in 2003 and continue to work full-time as professional trustees. Their overriding business objective is to provide interesting and truly worthwhile careers for our people. This ethos has facilitated the recruitment and retention of one of the strongest professional trustee teams in the industry.

For further information visit the Dalriada Trustees Limited website


The pensions restructuring team at Deloitte is a market-leading and dedicated line-up of restructuring and employer covenant experts across the UK. We understand the unique and diverse needs of pension schemes and the sponsors that support them, along with the regulatory regimes.

We can access the unrivalled scale and depth of capability and sector experience across our firm and international network. This enables our clients to benefit from nimble, proactive service and the comfort that we can rapidly deal with any issue that might arise in future.

We are accustomed to working with all stakeholders, including the PPF and TPR, in both restructuring/insolvency situations and non-distressed transactions. We know and understand how key stakeholders operate and react, which is often critical to a successful outcome.

Our strong track record of developing innovative solutions includes using a multitude of pension restructuring tools, including RAAs, FAAs, CVAs, Pre-packs and solvent mechanisms. 

This combination of capability and experience gives us the ability to rapidly assess the issues facing businesses and identify key options. This is vital in distress situations and enables us to provide relevant, pragmatic advice.

Led by Tom Partridge, a Partner with over 15 years’ experience, Deloitte’s pensions restructuring team has experience across all sectors and situations, enabling us to get to the heart of the situation and find practical solutions, no matter how complex the issues.

For further information visit the Deloitte website

FRP Advisory

We get under the skin of businesses in complex and difficult situations. With over 360 members of staff and 50 partners, we have a deep understanding of why crises happen and how to find a way out. Our five pillar services complement each other: restructuring, pensions, corporate finance, debt advisory and forensics.

Working across the board, from multinational organisations to small enterprises, we develop effective strategies for all kinds of businesses. Every situation is tackled with FRP’s honest, clear and considered approach.

We take a straightforward approach to providing solutions that preserve and improve the strength of support for a company’s pension scheme. When businesses face challenges, we unravel the complexities, solve problems and aim to protect value.

For us quality and focus are important and doing the right thing will always be our priority. We don’t overcomplicate matters or overwhelm you with bulky reports. Instead, we give you advice tailored to your situation, so that you have all the information you need to make decisions with confidence.

We use our financial review, restructuring and corporate finance experience to recommend and implement practical solutions. Our flexible approach means you decide how involved we are – from fitting seamlessly into your current team of advisers or leading a project on your behalf.

We pull project teams together from across our firm, bringing specialists together into a single unit with the technical skills and situational experience to recommend and deliver a clear plan of action.

For further information visit the FRP Advisory website

ITS Limited

ITS was founded in 1990 and is an independent business wholly owned by its Board of Directors. We have a depth of experience dealing with pension schemes in special situations, including solvent restructuring and were originally formed to deal with the requirement to appoint an Independent Trustee in an insolvency process. We are:


  • No conflicts, tie-ins or ‘deals’ distract from what’s best for each individual scheme
  • We're a dedicated professional trustee and pension trusteeship is at the heart of everything we do.

Solution driven

  • 100+ schemes taken through a PPF assessment process
  • Securing higher than PPF outcomes for several schemes
  • We don’t look for fights, we look for fixes
  • Working with the PPF since their inception we have a clear framework for solving complex problems and understanding what is important, including on high profile cases such as Carillion, BHS and Monarch Airlines
  • Commercial and considered – we understand stakeholder’s objectives and work collaboratively to deliver better outcomes 

Supported by a dedicated PPF team

  • Our dedicated team takes part in our general and PPF specific training
  • We value shared thinking and experiences


  • We work collaboratively with co-trustees and the sponsor. Strong industry relationships make us a powerful partner.

Focused on trusteeship

  • We have a proven track record of looking after members’ interests and for innovation
  • We're committed to effective and efficient governance


  • We have a wide range of people and experience, not just from the traditional professions
  • Our two Director model adds diversity and resilience 

For further information visit the ITS Limited website


KPMG’s Pensions Covenant Advisory practice provides independent advice to trustees and sponsoring employers of pension schemes. Our approach is focussed on delivering pragmatic, fair and balanced outcomes efficiently. 

We have a dedicated team of 20 senior covenant staff who are supported by a number of analysts. Our covenant team is part of KPMG’s Restructuring division, which comprises 480 business review and transaction specialists. We are therefore able to deploy significant levels of experienced resource quickly.

We are at the forefront of the market, advising scheme trustees and corporates across the full range of situations from regular triennial covenant reviews and ongoing monitoring through to assisting negotiate and implement complex transactions and restructurings.

Our experience across a range of sectors includes retail, manufacturing, financial services, food & drink, aerospace and defence, automotive and many more.

We work with various schemes, ranging in asset size from £10 million up to multi-billion pound multi-employer schemes. This includes small family owned companies and globally listed conglomerates.

Our work has included high profile retail restructurings, providing trustee side advice in respect of the complex restructuring of a bank, and trustee side advice to the BHS schemes from 2014 onwards.

For further information visit the KPMG website 

Lincoln Pensions

Lincoln Pensions is the UK’s leading specialist provider of covenant and related advisory services advising over 300 clients with combined pensions assets of over £250bn, ranging from £2m to £20bn+. 

We provide a range of services to trustees, sponsors (including their investors) and TPR. Our mission is to deliver safer financial futures for members.

Restructuring advisory services

Our range of restructuring related services include:

  • Assessments of the impact of reorganisations and restructurings on the pension scheme and its employer covenant, including potential mitigation that may be required to repair any detriment
  • 'Moral Hazard’ risk review, to consider likelihood of TPR intervention
  • Supporting trustees in assessing proposals to compromise scheme benefits and separate the pension scheme from the sponsor
  • Providing expert advice and assistance in restructuring negotiations Undertaking or reviewing insolvency contingency planning 
  • Advising trustees post an insolvency event or post a restructuring plan implementation

We are a conflict free pensions advisory practice with a unique approach.

Our multi-disciplinary and highly skilled team comes from a range of professional backgrounds including corporate finance, accounting, actuarial, legal, and insolvency practitioners as well as C-suite level in industry enabling us to deliver creative and innovative solutions.  

Our extensive experience of stressed and distressed situations includes high-profile assignments and complex cases, including large multi-employer schemes in global groups as well as schemes with sole SME and Mid-Market employers.

As an independent specialist, we work alongside other stakeholders to deliver positive client outcomes. 

For further information visit the Lincoln Pensions website

Open Trustees

Open Trustees is a leading independent trustee company acting as trustee for DB schemes, DC schemes and hybrid arrangements throughout their lifetime. 

We’re a member of the Pensions Regulator’s panel of trustees and the PPF’s Trustee and Support Services Panel.

Our team consists of five directors and seven pensions managers/administrators. Due to their varied backgrounds within the pensions industry, our team is highly knowledgeable of the legal, actuarial, covenant, investment and administration issues affecting pension schemes. 

Open Trustees is a wholly owned subsidiary of international law firm Osborne Clarke, and all of our directors are qualified UK solicitors specialising in either pensions or corporate restructuring and insolvency.
Led by Jonathan Hazlett and Noel Cantrell, Open Trustees has substantial experience of the tasks arising during a scheme's PPF assessment period, including project management, completing all PPF assessment period tasks, dealing with contingent assets and illiquid assets, managing multi-employer issues, dealing with member complaints, navigating complex litigation and securing PPF+ buy-outs. 

We also have experience of high-profile schemes acting as trustee where there is a high degree of political or press interest. We have acted for some of the PPF's most high-profile schemes including Thomas Cook, British Steel, Box Clever, Johnston Press, Austin Reed and Kodak. 
We also have significant experience of being appointed to schemes with a distressed sponsoring employer prior to their insolvency. We can assist with contingency planning, consider corporate restructuring options, protect the scheme’s position as a material creditor and agree rescue deals.
For further information visit the Open Trustees website 

Punter Southall Governance Services

Punter Southall Governance Services (PSGS) are the trusteeship and pension governance experts. 

We’re a long-established and award winning business. Our name followed the merger of two long-standing firms, PS Independent Trustees and HR Trustees. We’re one of the UK’s largest professional trustee firms, but we’ve been successful at keeping the personal feel we had at the very start.

Unlike other professional trustees, scheme secretarial services have been core to our business since our inception. Our range of services also includes adviser reviews and benchmarking, trustee board effectiveness reviews, member communications, pensions management and workplace DC governance. 

We’ve purposefully kept ourselves at the head of trusteeship and governance. New ideas, new solutions and new technology - that’s us.

The PSGS team are permanently employed with extensive experience and a very wide range of skills – including PPF specialists, qualified actuaries, lawyers, investment advisers, pensions managers, governance specialists, administrators and communication consultants.

Professionalism and personality have got us a long way. We currently work with over 230 clients covering 440,000 members and £34bn in assets. From the very small (£0.5m) to the very large (£15bn), clients stay with us. They trust us to get on with the job and deliver great service, knowing we’ll be friendly too.

We work with defined benefit and defined contribution schemes, helping trustees and sponsors manage risk, ensure effective governance and decision making and attain long-term goals for their schemes. Our clients include companies listed on the FTSE100, not-for-profit organisations and small to medium sized businesses.
For further information visit the PSGS website 

Smith & Williamson

Smith & Williamson has been managing the financial affairs of private clients and their business interests for over a century.

Founded in Glasgow in 1881, the firm has grown and evolved over the years to offer a wide range of complementary services. We’re now among the ten largest firms of accountants in the UK and our investment management business has over £20 billion of funds under management and advice.

We provide a distinctive range of financial and professional services to meet our clients’ needs.

We’re also internationally connected. We’re a member of Nexia International, a global network of accounting and consulting firms in over 600 offices in over 100 countries.

Restructuring advisory services

Our team is led by partner, Adam Stephens, a licensed insolvency practitioner. We’ve undertaken pension assignments,such as employer covenant reviews, for over 15 years involving:

  • a variety industries
  • for trustees or employers
  • where there’s a sole sponsoring employer, multi-employer or industry wide schemes, and other schemes
  • a variety of situations, for instance,triennial valuations, restructurings, RAAs, DDAs, and even scheme amalgamations
  • negotiating enhanced scheme security
  • devising ongoing monitoring frameworks
  • involving The Pensions Regulator, and other regulators
  • debt recovery of overpaid pension payments

Adam and colleagues have taken insolvency appointments in a variety of restructuring circumstances, including pre-pack administrations, company voluntary arrangements, and liquidations.

Our restructuring advisory services are provided by Smith & Williamson LLP. We aim to develop a constructive relationship with all stakeholders in the many situations we face.

For further information visit the Smith & Williamson website

Specialist Administration and Actuarial Services Panel

Barnett Waddingham

Barnett Waddingham is a leading independent UK professional services consultancy at the forefront of risk, pensions, investment and insurance.

We have over 1,280 people, 73 of whom are partners, each delivering on our values and promise, ensuring the highest levels of trust, integrity and quality. We are free from any external stakeholders, allowing us to take a long-term view with all our clients and bring fresh ideas to the table, unobstructed. 

Our primary focus continues to be providing the personal, quality, tailored approach that has driven our success and has led to our high level of client retention. 

We seek to build stable and long-term partnerships with clients, supported by our low staff turnover thanks to our ongoing investment in our people and technology together with our unique culture.

Our experienced PPF team of administrators, actuaries, investment consultants, DC and bulk annuity specialists work together to support schemes in all aspects of PPF related issues. 

Across our eight offices we advise a range of schemes including helping many of the largest and most complex schemes through PPF assessment. We always look innovate to provide the best possible support to every scheme and its members. 

We also support trustees and employers before insolvency. In particular we provide advice and expertise to put the PPF’s contingency planning guidance into practice. Our focus is always on ensuring the best possible outcome and experience for scheme members.

For further information visit the Barnett Waddingham website


Mercer was established in the UK 50 years ago and has become one of the largest human resource and employee benefit consultancies, with over 3,800 staff in 21 locations across the UK. We provide services to around 7,000 corporate and trustee clients, including around 80% of the FTSE 100. 

That position has been achieved through a strong and consistent track record in innovation and thought leadership. We recognise that actuarial matters can be complex, and we don’t overload clients with an unnecessarily wide range of possible scenarios. 

While the technology and other resources at our disposal assist with this, primarily it’s down to our actuaries’ and consultants’ ability to offer clear recommendations. 

We’ve invested in our people, systems and processes to make sure  clients benefit from a high quality, ‘no noise’ pension administration service that’s responsive and member-focused. 

We adapt to the need of schemes which are under increasing pressure to manage their costs, including funding deficits, while complying with increased governance and regulation. 

We’re  privileged to work in partnership with the PPF to support the delivery of its public commitment. 

For further information visit the Mercer website

Spence & Partners Limited

Spence is a privately-owned UK firm of pension consultants, actuaries, pension scheme information technology specialists and administrators.
We’re celebrating our 20th anniversary this year and now employ over 170 staff. Wehave clients throughout the UK, serviced from our offices in London, Belfast, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, and Bristol.
We’re focused on the provision of excellent support services to employers and trustees operating defined benefit pension schemes, as demonstrated by winning multiple industry awards in recent years. 

Our clients range from large UK PLCs and major government bodies to small-to-medium-sized pension schemes. We were appointed to the PPF’s specialist actuarial and administration panels on its inception and have worked on projects with the PPF since its establishment in 2005. 
We’re also a leading provider of pensions data audit and pensions benefit audit services for pension scheme trustees. We have significant expertise in remedial pension scheme data work, often in the run up to buy-out or during a PPF assessment period. We’ve worked on around 200 projects resulting in full scheme buy-outs, PPF plus buy-outs and transfers to the PPF and the Financial Assistance Scheme. 
We use technology driven solutions to maximise the quality and reliability of our work, and the effectiveness of our experienced staff.  Our pension scheme work is undertaken on their award-winning, proprietary pension scheme administration and actuarial system, Mantle.

For further information visit the Spence website

Quattro Pensions

Quattro Pensions is a specialist pensions actuarial and administration consultancy and our mission has always been to have ‘happy clients and happy staff’.  

Our focus is providing a top quality, flexible, cost effective, and tailored approach. We’re free from any external stakeholders meaning we can focus on doing the right thing by all clients. We consider the members of the pension schemes we service clients too, and strive to provide them with timely and helpful support. We’re based in the Midlands but have a national client base.

Our people are key to the success of our business and we’re exceptionally proud of their loyalty and commitment to delivering a quality, timely and efficient service. We’re intentionally ’top-heavy’, with work largely being undertaken by experienced senior staff, and believe this results in a better outcome for clients – higher quality at a lower cost. 

Our key aims when delivering our service are:

  • Cost transparency – we often work on a fixed fee basis and our clients should never receive an unexpected invoice
  • Solutions driven – if issues arise our focus is on solutions and how problems can be resolved or mitigated  
  • Accuracy – it’s important work is accurate to make we we get the right outcome for our clients
  • Personal touch – we’re approachable and responsive, We listen to and work with our clients to make sure we work to their agenda, not ours 
  • Imagination – we encourage our team to be innovative and think outside of the box

For further information visit the Quattro Pensions website

Audit Services Panel

Cooper Parry

At Cooper Parry, we’re here for three reasons: to disrupt the industry and smash every accountancy stereotype to smithereens. To lead the way in everything we do. And to make life count for our people, our clients and our community.

In our Pensions Audit team, those three have never rung truer. And at the heart of everything we do, you’ll find our burning belief (and indeed, knowledge) that happy, engaged people provide the best service.

If we create a culture that our people love being a part of – one where they have the chance to play to their strengths every day – we know we’ll attract and retain top talent.

We know we’ll have raving fans – people who’ll not only like working with us, but who’ll also recommend us. And then, the rest will fall into place.

That’s why we’re The Sunday Times’ 8th Best Company to Work For in the UK.

That’s why we were crowned Pensions Accountancy Firm of the Year at the 2020 Pensions Age Awards.

And that’s why we’re working with more and more awesome clients along the way.

For further information visit the Cooper Parry website


KPMG’s Audit and Assurance practice provides industry leading pensions assurance and audit services to UK based final salary and defined contribution schemes including Master Trusts.

We currently provide assurance services to 450 pension schemes in the UK, including over 30% of the top 100 UK schemes (January 2020). 

Our accredited teams have industry leading knowledge and the right experience and training, working to bring efficient, informed and effective reporting.

We add value to scheme governance by providing constructive and proactive comments on your financial controls. We can compare them to our largest schemes peer group using our industry leading financial controls benchmarking analysis.

We are extensively engaged with the industry through bodies such as PRAG and the ICAEW. Our dedicated technical team works to keep us and Trustees up to date with accounting and regulatory developments.

By harnessing the specialist knowledge that we have, we bring added depth to our work on benefits and investments.

Alongside external audit, we offer a wide range of assurance services, including:

  • Accounting and Regulatory Assistance
  • Leading Practice and Governance Reviews
  • Internal Audit
  • Extended Assurance
  • Risk Management
  • DC Governance

We’ve been on the PPF Audit Panel since 2013 led by UK Head of Pensions Assurance Nadia Dabbagh-Hobrow, and Director Iryndeep Kaur.

For further information visit the KPMG website

Johnston Carmichael

A PPF Audit Panel auditor since 2013, Johnston Carmichael is Scotland’s largest independent firm of Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers.

Operating in 13 strategic locations across the UK, and a member of the global network PKF International, our team of industry experts and specialists consult across a range of disciplines, from audit and tax, to personal and corporate finance.

With over 850 people, we’re one of the UK’s top 20 accountancy firms and our people use their knowledge and experience to think proactively and act as trusted advisers to over 16,000 clients across the UK and beyond.

We have an established team of sector specialist pension scheme auditors to focus on core PPF work, within a wider 150-strong Audit and Assurance Team. It’s led by Audit Partner David McBain, and Audit Director Chris Wilkie.

Our pension audit team act for around 100 pension scheme audit clients with combined assets of many £billions, including defined benefit schemes, defined contribution schemes and hybrid schemes. 

Covering a range of 14 industry sectors including food and drink, hospitality and construction & property, the team provide tailored advice and specialist insights to meet clients’ individual needs.

For further information visit the Johnston Carmichael website 

Smith & Williamson

Smith & Williamson has been managing the financial affairs of private clients and their business interests for over a century.

Founded in Glasgow in 1881, the firm has grown and evolved over the years to offer a wide range of complementary services. We’re now among the ten largest firms of accountants in the UK and our investment management business has over £20 billion of funds under management and advice.

We provide a distinctive range of financial and professional services to meet our clients’ needs.

Our pensions audit team is led by partner, Matthew Maneely. Matthew has 25 years’ experience, building a high level of technical knowledge and practical experience in this highly regulated environment. He has led our service to the PPF since were were appointed in 2013.

Working in partnership

Advisors are often regarded as too remote. That’s not how we work. With our specialist pension assurance team, we build deep, proactive relationships to deliver a service that supports scheme trustees and their advisers.  We have the depth to provide this support in a personalised manner.

Value of our approach:

  • Access to a team with considerable service and sector experience who devote 100% of their time to this field
  • A collaborative approach. We’re willing to roll up our sleeves to get things done
  • Proactive support with multiple touch points
  • The team carries out no corporate audits, removing any perceived or potential conflicts of interest with participating employers

Our audit services are provided by Nexia Smith & Williamson Audit Limited.

For further information visit the Smith & Williamson website

Gowling WLG

We are a leading UK law firm with an award-winning multi-disciplinary pensions practice of over 40 lawyers, including nine partners. 

Our lawyers are market-leading experts with industry recognised knowledge of the pensions sector. 

We advise on the full-range of pensions issues that are relevant to a scheme in a PPF assessment period, with specialist teams to help deliver better member outcomes such as risk transfer, public sector outsourcing, regulatory and restructuring.

To deliver legal services cost effectively on the PPF's Assessment Period Legal Panel, the pensions team has a core team of nine lawyers who regularly advise on assessment period. 

They have extensive experience of the legal and practical issues that can arise and ensure these issues are managed in a pragmatic and cost effective way, consistent with the PPF's objective of ensuring that schemes are taken as efficiently as possible through an assessment period. 

Building effective relationships is our priority and client focus is key. We understand that it takes many different personalities and roles to make a team, and allowing everyone to contribute delivers the most effective results.

Gowling's PPF specialist lawyers work closely and collaboratively with the PPF and its other panel firms, adopting their processes and requirements.

For further information visit the Gowling website

Herbert Smith Freehills

Herbert Smith Freehills is one of the world’s leading professional services businesses, bringing together the best people across our 27 offices globally. 

Our pensions specialists work with clients which span the pensions industry. They include regulatory bodies, employers, trustees, insurers, auditors, administrators, actuaries and independent trustees. 

We routinely advise clients on a full spectrum of issues relating to the ongoing operation of their defined benefit schemes. 

Our expertise means that we are also often brought in specifically to advise on projects comprising clients’ most complex and strategically important pensions matters. 

Our clients trust us with their most technical, high value work. We have acted on some of the most high profile pensions cases before the Courts in recent years, which have had a significant impact across the pensions industry.

We advised Lloyds Banking Group in the landmark High Court equal pay proceedings concerning the equalisation of GMPs; and advised G4S plc on High Court proceedings relating to whether a scheme with a final salary link could be a “frozen” scheme, settling a technical issue that had been the subject of uncertainty for many years. 

We’re also market leaders in advising on high value and innovative de-risking solutions, having acted on over 150 bulk annuity transactions to date. 

Our wide-ranging expertise means that we are well placed to advise on the issues that arise on a pension scheme’s journey through a PPF assessment period. 

For further information visit the Herbert Smith Freehills website

Osborne Clarke

Osborne Clarke is an international law firm with over 270 partners and more than 900 lawyers in 26 global locations. Our sector-based approach enables us to help our clients tackle the issues they face today and prepare for those they may face tomorrow. 

Our pensions team was established in 1987 and is nationally recognised for its strength and depth. Jonathan Hazlett leads the team of five partners, 15 solicitors and seven pensions managers/administrators. We have a fantastic track record and currently advise employers and trustees of DB and DC pension schemes with assets of between £1 million and £12 billion.

We provide legal advice to the PPF directly across the full range of legal services through our membership of the PPF’s Legal Panel. We are also a member of the PPF Assessment Period Legal Panel and have advised trustees of schemes in PPF assessment since the PPF was established.
Our specialist team led by Jonathan Hazlett and Joe Webster have extensive experience of advising on all PPF related issues. This has included: restructurings, advising on entry requirements, admissible rules and equalisation, drafting benefit summaries, identifying statutory employer issues, considering the apportionment of assets, discharging DC benefits and advising on member complaints, litigation, scheme rescues and PPF + buy-outs. 

We also operate an independent trustee company, Open Trustees which provides us with a unique perspective that informs all our legal work and gives us an unrivalled understanding of the PPF and the legal and practical issues faced by schemes.
For further information visit the Osborne Clarke website

Data Support

Target Professional Services

Target Professional Services are market leading global tracing and data verification specialists providing innovative solutions to professional clients for over 30 years.

We’re constantly challenge ourselves and industry standards to refine processes and improve performance, making sure we deliver accurate, secure and fully GDPR compliant verification solutions. 

Data privacy and information security is integral to everything we do, consistently achieving the highest accuracy and success rate in the industry, to the envy of our peers.

We share the PPF’s values, including integrity and respect, so are the perfect partner to demonstrate a commitment to changing and improving the data industry collaboratively.

Agility and responsiveness to client needs and opportunities has ensured we remain the company in the market others aspire to follow. This dedication to client requirements enables us to develop adaptive solutions to constantly improve client member data with an ambition that all pension schemes achieve data accuracy of greater than 95%.

Since we began working with the PPF, the partnership has ensured the PPF has achieved accurate member data of over 97%, with UK pensioner data regularly above 99%. Making sure the PPF know where their members are, improves communication and helps to combat fraud.

In conjunction with the PPF we launched our innovative, cutting-edge biometric identification app mypensionID was launched in 92 countries. The app enables members to securely and easily verify their identity from the safety of their own homes. mypensionID promises to continue revolutionising member tracing, verification and engagement for the PPF. 

For further information visit the Target website