Our Restructuring and Insolvency team are always happy to speak with you about any concerns you have.

We’ll treat all conversations in strict confidence and even speak on a ‘no names’ basis initially, if you prefer.

Restructuring professionals

Our approach to restructuring proposals

Find out more about how we approach restructuring and how to submit a proposal.

Read in-depth guidance on restructuring

Insolvency practitioners

Your role in the assessment process

You’ll play a key role during the process and work closely with our Restructuring and Insolvency team throughout.

Learn more about assessment

Guidance for insolvency practitioners

Get further guidance on some of the issues we’re often asked about as a key stakeholder in insolvencies.

Download useful guidance notes here

Submit an s120 insolvency notification

You’ll need to submit an s120 notice within 14 days of a sponsoring employer becoming insolvent

Find out more about submitting an s120 notice here

Submit S122 notices

Here you can find the relevant S122 notification forms to update the status of a pension scheme.

Download S122 notices here