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We understand this is a very difficult time but if you're a member of a Laura Ashley defined benefit pension scheme you can be assured that your pension is protected by us.

Visit the members section to find out more about how we protect your pension, and what being in our assessment period means.

Members currently have two contacts they will need to reach out to for various enquiries – the pension administrator and the trustee.

For initial contact relating to BAU admin for pension benefit queries or changes in personal information contact: 

Claire Tuohy, Senior Pension Administrator
Mercer, St James’s Tower
7 Charlotte Street
M1 4DZ

Phone: 0131 456 6876
Email: [email protected]

For any general queries about the PPF assessment period or concerns about the scheme, contact Independent Trustee Services Limited (currently on the Trustee Board of the Scheme).
Jacqui Butterworth 
Independent Trustee Services Limited
4th floor Cannon Place
78 Cannon Street

Phone: 0203 786 6246
Email: [email protected]