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This week Sara Protheroe, our Chief Customer Officer, hosted the first Member Forum with some of our members and one FAS member.

It was an opportunity for us to receive valued feedback and better understand how members use our services. They are our number one priority, and we exist to protect their financial future.

What's the verdict?

We received an overwhelmingly positive response with the majority sharing stories of relief when they realised their pension would be protected by us.

Philip, a PPF member, expressed his satisfaction with our customer service:

"It's important to be listened to. Quite often [in other companies] you're dealt with by a scripted response, whereas the PPF want to speak to the members as individuals."

Philip's comments were echoed by Peter and Nigel who also praised our personal service.

Our members took this opportunity as a chance to find out more about how we're funded; there were questions about our funding strategy and how much control we have over the size of the levy we charge.

They had nothing but praise for the work of our Investment team, and felt reassured by the success we've achieved.

What’s next?

Creating the opportunity to properly engage with our members was an incredibly insightful and rewarding experience for us. We hope to invite more members to future forums to share their thoughts and experiences.