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Today we’ve launched a tender to appoint a new firm to join our Specialist Administration and Actuarial Services Panel (SAASP). This panel provides critical assistance to schemes when they enter the assessment period.

The SAASP, launched in 2016, works closely with Trustees and other PPF panel advisers and plays a key role processing schemes through assessment. They allow us to determine with accuracy if a scheme has sufficient assets to buy out benefits with an insurer or if it will need to make a claim on the PPF and transfer into the Fund.

“The successful firm will work within a set framework to deliver their assessment and specialist services within a set timeframe and cost parameters which delivers good value for the PPF and our levy payers,” said Dan Collins, our Panel Relationship Manager.

They’ll help us ensure all recorded scheme information, including member data, is accurate, and that pensioners and beneficiaries are receiving the right levels of benefits.

The new firm will join the SAASP on 1 August 2022. 

Tender proposals must be submitted by 1pm on 18 May 2022 on our eTendering portal.

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