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Over the coming weeks you might notice email correspondence from us now ends in "”. Don’t be alarmed, we have changed our email address and are now using "”.

Why is our email changing?

From March 2019, the government are changing the format of their email addresses. As a government linked company, we’ll be changing our email address too.

Our email addresses previously ended in "". From now on, our emails will end in "”.

Our new email address is the same as our new corporate website URL - so will be simpler and easier to remember.

What do you need to do?

Please update your records with our new email address and bookmark our new website if you haven’t already.

We’ll be updating the email addresses on our website and other materials in due course, but for a short period the old address will forward to the new address. However please update your records now to make sure you’re still able to reach us.

If you have any questions about our email address change, please get in touch on 0345 600 2541 or at [email protected] .