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Our Business Plan 2021/22 outlines how we’ll continue to protect our members in a volatile market and deliver on our planned milestones.

Where do we stand?

Our five strategic priorities give us the focus we need to achieve our mission and navigate any challenges we may face.

Oliver Morley, our Chief Executive said: “We made good progress on our objectives despite challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. I look forward to delivering the final stage of this Strategic Plan as we look ahead to the next three years.”

Key activities for 2021/22 include:

  • Reviewing our current funding strategy and demonstrating a robust and effective approach to responsible investment. 
  • Developing enhanced security pillars and innovative digital services that continue to allow us to stay agile, efficient and customer-focused.
  • Implementing principles for dealing with vulnerable customers and monitoring key trends affecting our levy methodology.
  • Carrying out the 2021/22 review of the Senior Managers and Certification Regime, and addressing the under-representation of ethnic minorities and women in senior roles.
  • Achieving 70 per cent of member services transactions being completed online, and delivering a 20 per cent operational saving against 2017/18 IT costs.

You can read and download our full business plan, or view previous years'.