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It’s not always the case that when a pension scheme’s sponsoring employer fails, and the scheme enters PPF assessment, it ends up transferring into the PPF. If the scheme has enough assets to buy higher benefits for its members than we would pay, it’ll buy out benefits outside of the PPF.

We’re seeing a continuing trend of schemes entering assessment in this overfunded state, which we call ‘PPF+’.

We want to make sure PPF+ schemes go through the assessment process as efficiently as possible, so that the members of those schemes get certainty about their future benefits as quickly as possible.

To help us achieve this, we’re looking to appoint a panel of four specialist firms to a new PPF+ Advisory panel. They’ll provide consistent, efficient transaction advice to PPF+ schemes, and core services of:

  • Transaction Advisor

  • Scheme Actuary

  • Investment Support

The new panel will sit alongside our other assessment panel specialists.  

Next steps

The deadline for applications is at 5pm 29 October 2021 unless otherwise specified on Bravo.

We expect to appoint the new panel in February 2022. 

Successful panel members will be awarded initial agreements of two years, with the option of two further 12-month extensions.

Potential applicants

Register your interest online at where you’ll be able to download the relevant documentation. 

Read more in our press release.