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This week, our LGBTQ+ group Kaleidoscope partnered with The Log Books podcast to host a session about the LGBTQ+ helpline Switchboard. 

Switchboard through the years

Founded by Natasha (Tash) Walker, co-chair of Switchboard, and writer Adam Zmith, The Log Books podcast utilises extensive Switchboard archives to share important stories from the past.

The virtual session delved into the lives of LGBTQ+ people who contacted Switchboard over the past four decades, and how significant the helpline has been in UK LGBTQ+ history. Recounting some of their favourite stories and entries from the archives, and key moments in history like the introduction of Section 28 in 1988, Tash and Adam offered an insightful look into the lives of the LGBTQ+ community.

More about The Log Books

With logs from 1974 – 2003 from over 50 contributors, the podcast is a discovery of untold stories from real people. The Log Books was named Best New Podcast (Gold) at the British Podcast Awards 2020, and is five-star rated on Apple. It’s been featured in The Observer, Esquire and the Guardian to name a few, and is now in its third season.

Listen to the podcast 

What is Kaleidoscope?

Our internal LGBTQ+ network is called Kaleidoscope – the name reflecting an array of colours, like those used in the Pride flag. Kaleidoscope offers a welcome space to connect and share ideas.

Our mission is to ensure our organisation is an inclusive place to work where everyone can be their authentic self, without fear of discrimination.