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We’ve decided to offer our levy payers the option to go paperless by choosing to receive their invoice electronically, starting with the 2020/21 invoices issuing this autumn.
We’ve regularly been asked to send electronic invoices. This, along with the need to do more online as a result of COVID-19, and our desire to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible, led to our decision to make it possible to go paperless with immediate effect. 

Receiving invoices electronically also means it’ll be quicker and easier for levy payers to keep track of their invoices.  

What will happen?

If you’re a levy payer, an electronic version of this autumn’s invoice will be sent to the ‘scheme contact’ email address listed on the Pensions Regulator’s Exchange database. 

We’re required by legislation to get your consent before we only send your invoice in an electronic format. So we’ll still be sending paper copies as well, unless a trustee or authorised scheme manager gives us consent to receive electronic-only versions. 

How to give consent now

If you’re a trustee or an authorised scheme manager, you can now complete our paperless invoice consent form to give us consent to only send you an electronic invoice.
There’s more information and guidance on our receive your invoice electronically page.