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With this year’s UK Black History Month in full swing, some of our employees share personal stories about who they’re proud to be.

Black History Month 2021


Historically, Black History Month has been a time to reflect on not only the hardships black people have endured, but also the incredible achievements and contributions they’ve made to British society. It’s been a time to empower, explore, research and campaign for change – ultimately for more equality. 

This year’s theme really encourages a celebration of culture and community, two things that co-exist. We can learn so much by listening to each other’s experiences and respecting what’s important to us as individuals. Conversations like these are often an opportunity to find common ground and also broaden our own knowledge.

So we’ve taken this opportunity to hear from some of our own people, in their own words, about what they represent.

Meet Kevin

Kevin, our Service Operations Manager is proud of his Jamaican heritage and the way unity is valued in his community.

Kevin, Service Operations Manager

Meet Yasmin

Yasmin, our Head of Service Delivery, Technology & Change Services is proud to be Jamaican and acknowledges the impact of generations before us who’ve paved the way.

Yasmin, Head of Service Delivery, Technology & Change Services

Meet Romeo

Romeo, our Programme Support Officer is proud to have grown up in his Nigerian family and hopes Black History Month will continue to break down barriers.

Romeo, Programme Support Officer

Meet Hope

Hope, our Communications and Brand Advisor is proud to be mixed race and sees a change in the way people like her are more broadly represented in the media.

Hope, Communications and Brand Advisor

Meet Mike

Mike, our Desktop Support Analyst is proud to be West Indian, whose family is part of the resilient Windrush generation. He sees the importance of speaking up for what you believe in.

Mike, Desktop Support Analyst

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