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As part of World Autism Awareness Week, we’re showing our support this Autism Awareness Day. We aim to be an employer of choice, and that means being accessible to everyone.

What is autism?

Autism is neither an illness or disease. It’s not contagious and it’s not necessarily a defect either. In fact, autism sits on the neurodiverse spectrum alongside neurological conditions like dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD. It simply means that people with autism think differently from neurotypical people.

There are around 700,000 autistic adults and children in the UK, and only 22 per cent of autistic people are in employment.

We know that autistic people often face some communication barriers at work which can be challenging. We see the importance of being adaptable and understanding, allowing individuals to develop the skills and experience they need.

As well as giving our employees a safe space to work and express themselves, we also want to demonstrate to our members, levy payers, and other stakeholders that we recognise and respect diverse needs.

Being an example

In October 2020 we became a Disability Confident Leader, and we now act as a champion for other businesses, encouraging them to follow our lead.

Our commitment under the scheme is to build on the support we provide for candidates and employees with disabilities and other health conditions.

Transforming lives

The National Autistic Society are doing incredible work to spread awareness, campaign for change, and support autistic people and their families.

Ways you can help:

More information

Read more about the work we’re doing as an inclusive employer or view our careers hub.