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Reconsideration Committee application form

Application to the Reconsideration Committee for reconsideration of a decision of the Board of the Pension Protection Fund – Levy Reviews only

Your details

Before you fill in this form, please ensure you have read the notes to this form, the guidance booklet accompanying your levy invoice and the publication "How we deal with your concerns". It is important you read this information as there are a number of formal requirements which must be met before the Reconsideration Committee will reconsider a case and issue a reconsideration decision (note 1).

If you make any mistakes or fail to complete this form properly, this may lead to delays in processing your application or you may lose the right to have the decision reconsidered. (note 2)

Please complete all sections of the form, unless otherwise indicated.

In order to complete this form, you will need: 
- Details of the parent scheme (including PSR and name as shown on Exchange)
- Details of parent section (including PSR, name and the date of segregation)
- The effective date of the latest s179 valuation
- The date the latest s179 valuation certificate was entered on Exchange
- To know if the latest s179 valuation asset figure include a value attributed to ABC arrangements
- To know if all relevant data for the parent scheme was entered into Exchange before segregation occurred:
     - Asset breakdown
     - Bespoke investment stress (if applicable)
     - Normal pensions age (NPAs)  
- To know if there is a new s179 valuation for the parent scheme that hasn’t been entered on Exchange yet, and the effective date (if applicable)
- To know if a s179 valuation has been carried out for the parent section, and the effective date (if applicable)
- If there are any of the following should be taken into account, and if so, the relevant certificate numbers, dates and other applicable information:
     - DRCs;
     - Contingent Assets; and / or
     - ABCs 
- A copy of the legal advice to the trustees of the parent section
- A copy of the confirmation from the scheme actuary to the parent section
- To be authorised by or on behalf of the trustee of the parent section to complete this form