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Final levy rules 2022/23

We published our consultation on the levy rules for 2022/23 in September 2021, which set out our proposals for how we will calculate the levy for invoices issued in 2022. 

The consultation closed on the 9 November 2021, and we have concluded our approaches in our policy statement:

2022/23 policy statement 

The policy statement confirms measures introduced in 2021/22 will remain in place including the lower risk-based levy cap and the small scheme adjustment. The majority of schemes are expected to see a reduction in levy but for the minority seeing an increase these will be limited to 25 per cent. This limit is for 2022/23 only. You can read more in our press release and below.
Our final rules have also been published and can be found at the bottom of this page. 

2022/23 limit

We understand there will be areas of uncertainty with regard to the application of the 2022/23 limit, and have prepared guidance to explain the principles we expect to apply to some core scenarios.  

Dun & Bradstreet scores

For the 2022/23 levy year, we'll be using insolvency risk scores produced by our insolvency risk partner Dun & Bradstreet starting in April 2021. 

It’s important that D&B are using accurate information. You can view your scores and check that your information is correct in our portal. 

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Levy deadlines

Keep track of levy deadlines using our timeline.

Rules, guidance, documents and forms


ABC appendix
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Alternative covenant scheme appendix
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Contingent asset appendix
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Date 01.01.0001
Insolvency risk appendix
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Date 01.01.0001
Investment risk appendix
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Date 01.01.0001
MFR conversion appendix
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Date 01.01.0001
Transfers appendix
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Date 01.01.0001