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The levy 2019/20 rules

These rules govern how we calculated levy invoices issued in autumn 2019.

These rules were published following a consultation. We set out our conclusions in our policy statement.

The appendices and guidance documents include steps that schemes can take to make sure they receive credit for positive actions, such as certifying contingent assets or deficit reduction contributions.

Rules, guidance, documents and forms


ABC Appendix
PDF 207.87 KB
Date 01.01.0001
Commercial Consolidator Appendix
PDF 177.6 KB
Date 01.01.0001
Contingent Asset Appendix
PDF 548.47 KB
Date 01.01.0001
Insolvency Risk Appendix
PDF 637.82 KB
Date 01.01.0001
Investment Risk Appendix
PDF 410.21 KB
Date 01.01.0001
MFR Conversion Appendix
PDF 137.25 KB
Date 01.01.0001
Transformation Appendix
PDF 339.36 KB
Date 01.01.0001