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In December 2018, we announced our intention to set up a small and medium sized employers (SME) Forum. We wanted a dedicated channel to improve two-way communication between us and defined benefit (DB) schemes with small and medium-sized employers so we could better understand the issues facing our levy payers.

Our call for members to join the forum resulted in a membership of 25 external bodies representing SMEs, professional bodies, and advisors to SMEs with DB schemes. The forum has been active for over two years now and we’re really pleased it’s become part of the fabric of the PPF’s way of working.

“The PPF has listened and taken into account what SME stakeholders have been saying. And where they can move, they’ve moved.”- SME Forum member

In February 2021, we held our sixth regular meeting, where members were able share their concerns and comments on our ideas for the PPF levy and wider issues affecting pension schemes.

We’ve also worked with members in ad hoc focus groups where they’ve helped us improve the levy section of our corporate website. As we considered and developed the levy rules for 2021/22, we talked to members about the impact that COVID-19 was having on their businesses. Building on what we learned, we proposed and then confirmed the measures in the rules.

“The atmosphere allowed real and meaningful feedback.” - SME Forum member

We’ll continue to build on the insight the SME Forum brings to us.

Photo: Getty Images