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Janet Waddicor was our first member to retire online and shares her experience.

Janet worked at a bakery group for 25 years before it went bust. Her husband, also a PPF member, retired years before and found the paperwork easy to understand especially with the support he received from our Member Services team.


Like her husband, when the time came for Janet to retire, she got in contact with us by phone to start the process. However, during the call, our Member Services representative informed her that a new service on the member website called ‘Retire Now’ had just been launched, which meant Janet could retire online. 

“I didn’t expect retiring online to be so easy and hassle free."

Janet is comfortable using technology and knew our member website well. She’d been online to plan her retirement and calculate her payments in the past, so the ‘Retire Now’ option really interested her.  

“I didn’t expect retiring online to be so easy and hassle free," Janet said. "The website is really easy to use. You don’t need to be a whizz on the computer to get around at all and retiring online was literally as simple as clicking a button.

"It really took the hassle out of retiring and unlike my husband, who had to wait until the paperwork had been sent out, returned and processed before he could receive his first pension payment, my money arrived in my bank account within a week!”

The couple said they are grateful to us. Without us they both would have lost their pensions and would have had to work for the rest of their lives.

Photo: Getty Images