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We have four strategic priorities that we continually monitor and measure ourselves against.

1. Meeting new challenges with brilliant service

Our aim is to provide high standards of service to our members, maintaining current levels of efficiency as member numbers increase. 

We’ll continue to achieve high levels of levy payer satisfaction.

Following recent court rulings, we’ll successfully amend our compensation regime to meet the requirements of new legislation.    

To provide certainty to victims of scam pension schemes, we’ll progress claim applications to the Fraud Compensation Fund.

We’ll also progress schemes through assessment, getting clarity of outcomes for their members in a timely fashion.    

2. Excellence in asset and liability management

Our aim is to complete our funding strategy review and then begin implementation. 

We’ll continue to demonstrate best practice in asset management

We will also be reviewing our levy methodology during the period.

3. Making a difference

Over the next three years, we’ll develop and publish a holistic sustainability strategy, including our strategic response to climate change, responsible investment, and diversity and inclusion. 

We aim to set the standard in our approach to responsible investment

We’ll also continue to drive forward our diversity and inclusion strategy.

We’ll be setting and working towards targets to reduce our environmental footprint as an organisation.    

We’ll continue to set aspirational commitments for ourselves and those who work on our behalf, influencing others to do the right thing.

As part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility, we’ll continue to provide and support volunteering and fundraising opportunities.

4. Transforming how we work

To help us collaborate and work securely, we’ll be completing our move to cloud-based services. 

We’ll also be developing and implementing a data strategy to make gathering and analysing information across the organisation easier.

As part of our ongoing digital transformation, we’ll establish best practice data exchanges with our stakeholders.

We’ll continue to make the best use of digital technology to transform and evolve business processes.

Our aim is to develop an approach to hybrid working focused on delivering and achieving the best outcomes for our members, stakeholders and colleagues.

Finally, we’ll continue to work with industry-recognised security services and partners to manage our information, data and cyber security.

Download our Strategic Plan 2022-2025 to read about our priorities in detail.