How we’re funded

As well as collecting levies, we help fund ourselves by investing income and managing assets.

Find out about our investment strategy.

How we manage risk

Our risk framework helps us achieve our objectives and protect the interests of our members.

Learn more about our risk framework.

How we give back to the community

Each year we raise thousands for good causes and spend several hundred days volunteering.

Read more about how we give back.

How we measure our performance

We continually monitor and measure our performance against three core objectives.

Find out more about our key objectives.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

Our aim is to foster a culture where everyone can be themselves and feel respected and valued for their differences.

Find out more about our commitment to being an inclusive employer.

How we manage expenses

Here you can read our policies and download our Board expenses for the past three years.

Read more about our expenses policies.

How we manage whistleblowing

We’re committed to the highest possible standards of openness, integrity and accountability.

Learn more about our whistleblowing policy