In 2018, the European Court of Justice ruled that individual members should receive at least 50 per cent of the value of their accrued old age pension if the employer responsible for funding the scheme they’ve paid into fails.

The vast majority of PPF and Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) members already receive compensation in excess of 50 per cent of their accrued old age benefits.

This means the number of members affected by this ruling is very small.

Frequently asked questions about the ECJ ruling

Below you'll find information to help you understand the ruling and find out how it will impact you.

Frequently asked questions for PPF members

Get help with the most common questions on the ruling for PPF members.

FAQs on the ECJ ruling for PPF members


Frequently asked questions for FAS members

Get help with the most common questions on the ruling for FAS members.

FAQs on the ECJ ruling for FAS members


The latest updates on the ECJ ruling

Our plans to pay increases to members that are affected by the ruling are ongoing. New court proceedings have started against us, seeking to challenge, among other things, our intended approach for calculating any increases due to our members as a result of the ruling. 

At the request of the claimants, the High Court has decided to postpone the hearing which was originally scheduled for 11-13 June. 

The Court has now confirmed that the hearing will take place in the week of 11 May. We don’t know when we will receive the judgment.

While we’ll continue to assess and process increases to those capped members likely to be most significantly affected by the Hampshire judgment, we will not pay arrears until we have the court’s decision. This is because we believe it would be wrong to risk having to recover overpayments if the court decides we must take a different approach.

You'll find regular updates about the progress we are making in our latest news section.