Insolvency risk scores

Find out more information about insolvency risk scores used for the 2021/22 levy year invoices and how to access the Pension Protection Score portal.

Accessing the D&B Portal

We’ve automatically generated user accounts with scheme access for trustees whose details are held on the Pensions Regulator’s (TPR) Exchange database. We have also migrated users who have delegate scheme access in the Experian portal.

Access the portal

There are three user access types within the D&B portal - Trustee, Delegate and Employer. These vary the access a user has to scheme and/or specific employer information. All users in the portal will have a single username and password that is used to login and view all schemes and/or employers they have access to - across all three access types - we call this portfolio view.


If you are a trustee who is registered on TPR’s database, we’ve sent you a registration email with a link to complete your registration. As a trustee you can also request access to scheme and/or employer information via the portal and we’ll validate your details and grant access, if appropriate to do so.


If you’re not a trustee and you’ve had access to a particular scheme(s) information on the Experian portal since June 2018, we’ve automatically generated your account and sent you a registration email using the address held on the Experian portal. If you've not accessed scheme information since June 2018, you’ll need either to contact the scheme trustee(s) to ask them to give you access, or to ask for access via the portal. The trustees will review your request and grant you access if appropriate.

If you haven’t received your registration email, please check your spam and junk folders, and if it’s not there, please contact us.

If you don’t have an account and want to register on the portal, you can do this by clicking on the Register tab on the top right of the homepage and following the onscreen instructions. We’ll send you a verification email with instructions of how to complete registration. Once completed, you can request access to a scheme’s information using the search functionality.


If you’re requesting access as an employer representative you must use the CRN, charity number, employer name or DUNS number once you have clicked on the ‘Request access’ button after you have logged in. Please note as an employer representative you will need to provide the scheme PSR and name as well as the employer’s total net assets from their most recent account, even if this is a nil return.

Visit the portal