We have adopted the United Nation's supported Principles of Responsible Investment and use them as a benchmark to guide our strategy, analyse investments and make decisions.

We believe that by being a responsible asset owner who diligently seeks to manage material environmental, social and governance risks and exploit the corresponding opportunities, we can protect and enhance the value of our investments.

Ongoing monitoring

Our Investment team monitor and rate our responsible investing on an ongoing basis, then report back to the Board on our performance.

We also follow the model contract terms set out by the International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN) and use responsible investment principles as a criteria for appointing new fund managers.

Statement of stewardship principles

We believe we have a responsibility to exercise our voting rights and engage with the companies we invest in to make sure they‘re accountable and fulfill their obligations to shareholders.

We recognise and support the good practice of the Financial Reporting Council’s UK Stewardship Code and UK Corporate Governance Code, and have published our own Statement of Compliance with these codes.

We also appoint external agents who monitor portfolio companies for environmental, social and governance risks, and where concerns arise, engage with company management.

Investing transparently

In order to be transparent about our investment activities, we provide the following reports on the voting and engagement activities carried out on our behalf on our segregated portfolios:

Engagement reports Voting reports

Engagement report - Q1 2020

Engagement report - Q4 2019

Engagement report - Q3 2019

Engagement report - Q2 2019

Engagement report - Q1 2019

Engagement report - Q4 2018

Engagement report - Q3 2018

Engagement report - Q2 2018

Engagement report - Q1 2018

Engagement report - Q4 2017

Engagement report - Q3 2017

Engagement report - Q2 2017

Q1 2020 voting report

Q4 2019 voting report

Q3 2019 voting report

Q2 2019 voting report

Q1 2019 voting report

Q4 2018 voting report

Q3 2018 voting report

Q2 2018 voting report

Q1 2018 voting report

Q4 2017 voting report

Q3 2017 voting report

Q2 2017 voting report

Summary of engagement reports Annual voting and engagement reports

Summary of engagement report Q1 2020

Summary of engagement report Q3 2019

Summary of engagement report Q2 2019

Summary of engagement report Q1 2019

Annual voting and engagement report 2019

Companies engaged by theme 2019

Annual voting and engagement report 2018

Reports from previous periods

You can download voting and engagement reports from previous periods below.

Voting & engagement report - Q1 2017

Voting & engagement report - Q4 2016

Voting & engagement report - Q3 2016

Voting & engagement report - Q2 2016

Voting & engagement report - Q1 2016