Setting up email alerts

The instructions on this page will help you to create email alerts in the score portal.

If you're having trouble setting up email alerts on the score portal, follow these quick steps.

Step one

Once you've logged into the portal, select the drop down at the top right of your screen where your name is displayed. 

Email alerts login

Step two

Click on my account from the display. This will take you to your account settings. 

Email alerts account

Step three

Select ‘notification settings’.

Now check the tick box labelled ‘I want to receive email notifications’

Email alerts notifications

Step four

You can choose under which circumstance you receive an email notification.

When a levy band changes, when a score changes or both.

Please note: this selection will apply to all schemes and/or employers in your portfolio.

Email alerts notifications

Step five

Once you have made your selection, click the ‘update’ button to save your changes. 

You can stop email notifications by following the same steps and unchecking the tick box labelled ‘I want to receive email notifications’

Just remember to click ‘update’ to save any changes you make.

Email alerts submit