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Value for money review

Having completed our value for money review last year, we’ve continued to monitor our costs and benchmark our suppliers against industry standards.            

Across the organisation, we’ve introduced better tools and processes, so we’re now able to serve more members without increasing our staff numbers and offer value for money to our stakeholders.


£53 - cost per member

Long term expenditure trends

The table below shows the total expenditure for the PPF and the Administration Funds over the past five years and our expected costs for the next two years.

The Administration Funds comprise PPF and FAS-related expenditure. 

Long-term expenditure trends

Our costs and forecasts

Investment costs: The increase in investment expenses in 2020/21 is caused by the performance element of fund management fees payable in certain asset classes which performed strongly in the year. We assume performance fees will revert to normal levels in future years. 

Pandemic related costs: Some costs are forecast to increase from 2021/22 as activities recover from delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Other costs: We will invest in IT services and address the judgments on FCF claims and the Hampshire case. 

We have outlined and explained all costs in the full downloadable report.

Performance and attribution reporting

Performance and attribution reporting

In addition to the outstanding investment performance in 2020/21, our investment team successfully implemented our new performance and attribution platform.

The platform is a significant improvement to our previous monitoring and reporting capabilities, providing us with more real-time insight into how performance has been derived, in turn supporting our engagement with our external managers.

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What they promise you, they deliver.

The more efficient we are, the better we can serve members like Joe and deliver on our promise of being there when we’re needed.

"I worked for Visteon in Enfield for 21 years and contributed to a company pension throughout that time. When the company became insolvent and told me they didn’t have any money left it was such a worry. I thought I would have to fight them in court and be involved in years of litigation.

"The PPF stepped in and immediately eased my anxiety over the situation. They gave me peace of mind and it was comforting to know they would be there to help me.

"What they promise you, they deliver.

"As a legitimate and trustworthy organisation I know my payment will arrive in my bank account every time. I’ve never had a problem. I will always be grateful to them for coming to my aid. They really were the light at the end of a dark tunnel.”

Mr Joe Adu-Mante

PPF Member

Strategic priority

Sustainable funding in volatile times

Sustainable funding in volatile times