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Fast-tracking digital transformation

The transformation programme has enabled us to make the transition to a modern, customer-centric organisation whose effectiveness can be enhanced through embracing technology and digital services.
With our entire workforce working from home from March 2020 we had to bring forward some of our IT transformation plans. However, the work we’d already done in the first year of the programme meant we had what we needed in place to work effectively from home without an impact on customer service or operational resilience.
We quickly had to re-prioritise projects and introduce interim solutions, such as Zoom, to keep us connected, as well as fast-tracking new digital services to make sure we could continue to work effectively while working remotely. 
Other significant achievements this year included:

  • Implementing cloud services                    
  • Introducing Microsoft365    
  • Upgrading to Windows 10
  • Introducing a new call recording system
  • Migrating all users to Skype 2019                         
  • Introducing single sign-on capabilities for multiple services
  • Introducing IT self-service to minimise technical dependencies
  • Creating a blueprint for a new data platform
  • Implementing automation in the technology estate 


How we prepare for an emergency

This year we ran our first internal IT disaster recovery exercise, in alignment with FCA standards. This involved powering down our main data centre, where all our systems and information are hosted, and moving everything to a backup system.    

We ran the exercise over a weekend, with people from across the business logging on to test whether they could still complete important pieces of work. This was a great success and means we know we can maintain high-quality services to members and levy payers in the event of an emergency.                

We will run and review these exercises on a regular basis, along with building our networks of industry peers so we can share and learn from best practice.        

This year we also achieved Cyber Essentials Plus Certification, the highest level of certification offered under the government-backed and industry-supported scheme. The new certification complements and adds to our ISO 27001 certification and alignment to the National Cyber Security Centre’s 10 steps to cyber security.

Efficiency in our member services

Efficiency in our member services

This year we welcomed more than 17,000 new members and as a result of our efficiency programme, we were able to offer them a first-rate level of service without hiring more customer-facing staff.

Launched in 2019, the Efficiency and Service Improvement Programme has seen us evolve our tools, technology, systems and processes.
As we move into the final year of our transformation, we’re able to serve an increasing membership and manage the additional workload without an impact on service or a rise in costs.

As part of this, our digital service has taken another leap forward. Members can now do more online. We’ve made everything fast and simple, from getting a username reminder to deferring a pension.

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Ways we’ve enhanced our service this year

Becoming more efficient

Our target was to bring in five new initiatives to increase efficiency; we were able to double this, with 10 initiatives completed.

Getting more members online

Encouraging members to do more with us online has seen our online transactions grow to more than 80 per cent, putting us well ahead of our 70 per cent target for 2022.

Making it easier to retire online

The simplest and quickest way for members to start their payments is by using our 'Retire Now' feature. This year saw the number of online retirements rise to 30 per cent, beating our target of 25 per cent.

Flexible resource

We’ve also hit our target for completing the training of pensions administrators on both the FAS and PPF key processes, implementing a rotation plan that ensures new skills and knowledge are kept alive. This is motivating for employees, who increase their range of skills, and allows us to manage the needs of both PPF and FAS members more flexibly and effectively.

I would just like to say that my complete experience of using the website and the call centre has been absolutely superb. No problems whatsoever in dealing with your website, which I thought was excellent, so I would just like to say well done.


Strategic priority

Brilliant service for members and schemes

Brilliant service for members and schemes